About Austechmart

Who We Are

AUSTECHMART is an Australian online retail IT store, offering a huge range of consumer, industrial and commercial goods, direct from manufacturers and distributors. We offer our customers great value and convenience and our vendors an efficient alternative sales channel. If you’re looking for quality brands or commercial equipment on the most competitive prices direct from some of the world’s leading brand companies, you’ll find us.

AUSTECHMART offers over 100 IT Brands with more than 300,000 products, we provide a broad range of products that cover the needs of individual, businesses and institutions in market spanning Australia and the globe selling computer parts and hardware, hard drives, severs, cameras and software as well as electronics, laptops, TVs, networking and more.

AUSTECHMART proudly earns the loyalty of tech-enthusiasts and mainstream e-shoppers alike. We tirelessly pursue these goals by offering a superior shopping experience, rapid delivery and stellar customer service. We equip our customers with state-of-the-art decision-making resources such as detailed product information, “how-to’s,” customer reviews and high-resolution product images.

At AUSTECHMART, we highly keen on providing good After-sales service to earn customers’ loyalty and keep their business. Our Customer Service and Support is available to help you with questions about AUSTECHMART products and services via phone, e-mail and online chat to help ensure your utmost satisfaction.

We work hard to ensure your AUSTECHMART shopping is always enjoyable and exciting. We’re committed to providing you with the best experience possible, every time you shop.

Company Information


ABN: 74673364929

Address: Lancaster Avenue, Punchbowl, NSW 2196 (Office Only, Pick up & Returns is not available)

Contact Number: +612 80549268