Sony GTKPG10 Portable Party System


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5 in stock

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Make your next party or outdoor adventure unforgettable, with the GTK-PG10 portable speaker. The compact design delivers powerful sound, with a large woofer and high-quality tweeters. Battery operated, the PG10 can play music from a Smartphone, USB device, FM radio or even a analogue source, via line-in. Featuring an innovative Outdoor Party mode, the ‘PG10’ spreads sound far and wide when in the open position. This configuration also reveals 4 cup-holders; perfect for your next party or family gathering.

Key Features

Portable Audio system, with Bluetooth, FM tuner, USB and analogue line-in

Outdoor Party mode; with tweeters designed to spread sound far and wide

4 cup-holders, when used in Outdoor Party mode

Splash-proof/dust-proof top-panel and tripod compatibility

Karaoke/Microphone input with key, echo and level control

Rechargeable battery, with up to 13 hours music playback

Sony | Music Center and Fiestable Apps; control playback and sound modes

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